Resident Assistantship Program

The Resident Assistantship is a professional development opportunity for emerging artists who have recent work experience in a glass blowing studio. Our program will help to further prepare you as a future creative entrepreneur and glass artist. The assistantship trains individuals in the day-to-day studio operations, care for equipment, tools, cold working process, production glass blowing, retail sales, and customer relations. One applicants will be awarded a position per 6 month cohort. 


What Past Residents Had To Say ...

“During my time at Lexington Glassworks I’ve gained valuable skills toward production glassblowing and the finer elements of working with a team to achieve a common goal” - Mike O’ Brien

“Through the residency assistant program at Lexington I got a nice introduction to the glass community of Asheville and enjoyed learning alongside other talented emerging artists.”
- Emily Morrison

“The resident assistantship program allowed me to experience the Asheville community while working alongside talented artists and furthering my glassblowing and entrepreneurship skills.”
- Sam Parker

Check out this YouTube video interview with two of our past Resident Assistants!


A Community of Glass Artists

Lexington Glassworks is committed to and passionate about the continued cultivation of the glass community in Asheville. The Resident Assistantship is a professional development opportunity for emerging artists. This program is intended to further prepare participants as future creative entrepreneurs and glass artists.

Past Resident Assistants

Emily Morrison [Spring 2022]
Michael O'Brien [Fall 2022]
Samantha Parker [Summer 2022]
Jasmine Steinacker [Spring 2023]
Colin Stader [Summer 2023]
Jess Leonard [Fall 2023]
Sarah Montrond [Winter 2024]


Past Glassblowing Assistants

Annie Jacobsen [Her Glassworks]
Asher Holman [Small Batch Glass]
Cole Johnson [Cole Johnson Glass]
Leckie Gassman [Independent Artist]

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