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Hip Green Scene | Asheville Travel Guide

Maybe it is reflective of our own dual nature, but we find the dichotomy in Asheville interesting. Made famous as much for the castle built by a Vanderbilt heir as by long-standing drum circles downtown, Asheville is a marriage of opposites. The happy result is architectural grandeur alongside an earthiness that just might tempt you to sit behind a pottery wheel. This lush mountain town provides many opportunities to commune with nature whether it is strolling the manicured gardens or paddling down a meandering river.  Either way, you’ll be well fed. While the farm-to-table movement didn’t originate here, you’d think it did.  Vegan or carnivore, you’ll find some of the best meals to be had are waiting for you.  You’ll need all that sustenance to take in the thriving art scene with hundreds of artists in residence. Be sure to check out Asheville’s up-and-coming South Slope neighborhood, filled with so much hipness in so little a radius, your visit isn’t complete without an evening there brewery hopping. So settle in a while, Asheville’s union of opposites couldn’t have turned out better.

Lexington Glassworks  Billy Guilford and Geoffrey Koslow are firing up some gorgeous glass for you.  Drop in their spacious studio on South Lexington and watch them do their thing. While they’ve got plenty of unique glass vessels for you to take home, our favorite is the heart organ necklace below. 81 S. Lexington Ave. (S)

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